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At Pet Foods Market & Supplies in Manhattan Beach we believe in offering high quality pet food for all your little friends! We have more than just dog food and cat food! We also carry foods for birds, reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, wild birds and other small animals. Our mission is to spread health trough sustenance. In order for your pets to live a longer and healthier life, we make sure they receive the proper nutrition. All you have to do is bring your pet in and let us provide you with the rest! After 70 years of being in the business, we know exactly what we are doing. We vet our products before offering them in our store!

If you know exactly what you need, give us a call and ask us if we have it. If we have it in stock we can deliver it the same day. If we don’t carry the exact brand you need, we will suggest something that is equal to what you requested, if not better! Regardless of the type of pet you have, we promise to deliver food that is high in nutrition, vitamins and minerals. Our goal is to keep your pets living longer, happier and healthier. So give us a call today, or feel free to stop by and browse through our inventory for yourself!

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Best Dog Food - Buddy Belts
Best Dog Food - TropiClean
Best Dog Food - Vip Products